City Church of Homestead

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The Arts


City Church places a significant emphasis on the arts and invites artists from the community and within our church to engage in creating live art on a large canvas on the front stage on Sunday mornings. During music and announcements, and before the message, an artist paints his/her interpretation of the message that is to be given, or sometimes they just paint abstract art. After the message the artist will sometimes come forward to explain what they created and how this expresses how they feel about a particular aspect of God. This exercise adds a new and interesting dimension of depth, interest, and understanding of God and what and how He communicates to us through the Bible.


Many notable musicians and singers in South Florida have been drawn to City Church because of our commitment to excellence in the arts, especially in music. We have a band and also a string quartet that brings music to us from our culture and from traditional Christian music. Band members have included American Idol finalists, Broadway stars, members from bands of well-known recording artists, as well as highly skilled and trained performing artists.

We think God has called us to excel in all we do for him, and so we offer our best from the arts. We believe that God created everything and that this whole world is – and always has been – His. From the very beginning God has interacted with humanity and given us many wonderful gifts: music, relationships, art, creativity, friendship, love – all things that are a reflection of His very essence and being.

Many of the problems we face in the world and in this culture are reflected in art and music. From the lyrics of secular music we hear the cries of our culture yearning for healing, for something more, for something that is missing in life. If we fail to grasp this message, we fail to connect, to address it, and to respond in a meaningful way, we have missed the opportunity to relate to others and to offer hope. Often on Sunday mornings we listen to the band play music from our culture and then read the lyrics to understand what is being said. Then we listen to what God says as the pastor addresses today’s issues with relevant answers from the Bible.


Sharing good food together builds relationships. Jesus did it with his disciples and with many people whose lives He impacted. He instituted the Last Supper as a way for His church to celebrate the Salvation he established through his sacrifice on the cross. We recognize and understand the importance of people sharing meals together. And so, like everything else we do regarding the arts, we approach it with as much excellence as we can muster.

On Sunday mornings our staff of volunteers prepares a hot cooked breakfast to those who come between 9:30 and 9:55. Coffee is served as well, along with juice. It’s become a great way to connect with others who attend, and many friendships have developed over breakfast together on Sunday mornings.

We invite you to come share a meal with us!